There are so many different places to get Lash Extensions in San Diego. Why should you choose Slay Beauty Bar?
 Regardless of the service you come in to receive, you will always be greeted with a warm welcoming smile. We always strive to give all of our clients the best experience from beginning to end. Once we’re properly introduced, we will have you fill out our Lash Extension waiver which explains the service step by step and asks you about allergies and other personal information. Once the formalities are out of the way, we invite you into our Lash Suite to discuss your Lash Extension needs. Depending on the state of your natural lashes, we can discuss what length, style, and fullness we can achieve. We base these decisions on how your natural lashes look because our number one goal is to always do everything we can to keep them at their healthiest. An eyelash extension that is too long or heavy for the natural lash to support, can over time cause issues with your natural lashes. So as always we like to keep that in mind.

Different Types of Lash Extensions San Diego

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Best Lash Extensions San Diego

We offer 3 types of lash extension services; Classic – Hybrid – Volume. The Classic Lash Extension San Diego Set is one individual eyelash extension is placed onto one natural lash. It adds length and curl to the natural lashes that you currently have. The Hybrid Eyelash Extension Set is a combination of Classic eyelash extensions and Volume lashes. Volume Eyelash extensions are 3-6 eyelash extensions connected at the base and placed onto one natural lash. The combination of Volume and Classic creates drama and fullness to your natural lashes. It can create a false lash look or even add a natural flare for those who have natural gaps in their lashes. Once we have discussed your Lash Dreams, we get to work. While listening to your choice of music, we dive in to those fluttery beauties and do our magic. A full set takes anywhere from 1 hr 30 min to 2 hours; while a fill can take 45 min to 1 hour. Throughout the service we will make sure you’re nice and comfortable with no discomfort. Then once every lash has an extension on it, you are all set ready to go! You’ll be walking out of here with flawless Lash Extensions San Diego. We will always take the time to identify the look you want with what you have naturally. We will never compromise your natural lashes or your eye health overall. There are several other resources to check out if you are still hesitant about getting eyelash extensions. But if you are ready, come straight to Slay!

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