Organic Airbrush Spray Tanning

Each of our organic airbrush spray tans are carefully customized to perfection to create your desired tan for your specific skin tone.

That means: no orange, no streaks, no blotchiness; just perfectly blended airbrush spray tans for our #slaybaes to feel their most confident, beautiful selves.

Using all natural ingredients, Slay’s way of airbrush spray tanning is an experience unlike any other. Our vegan, PETA approved, paraben and gluten free solutions are odorless, dry quickly and will produce a long lasting, evenly faded spray tan Pacific Beach that lasts up to 10 days!

Starting off with a complimentary consultation, our experienced and certified #slaybae artists will identify your skin type and tone, your choice of desired spray tan color – light, medium or dark, and will then carefully create an airbrush blend specific to your needs. During your consultation, you will have the choice to choose from our regular (8+ hour rinse) spray tanning solution or our rapid solution (1-4 hour rinse) to be able to shower sooner or later for their convenience.

Your #slaybae artist will then carefully help you prepare for your spray tan by applying barrier cream in the necessary areas, pH balancing spray and hair net. Once your spray tan has been applied (yes, complimentary mini contouring is included!), you will be carefully brushed with matte or shimmer (our personal favorite!) drying powder to help alleviate any stickiness or possibility of transferring bronzer to clothing or other fabrics.

Your health, safety and comfortability is priority to us. Prior your spray tanning session you will have all the FDA recommended safety items available to you to ensure a safe and healthy experience. You will have the option to use our complimentary eye winkies, nose filters, disposable underwear and or lip protection.

Our home is your home, we want you to enjoy your experience in our private studio where there is no judgment, no bad vibes, just good times and tan lines (or, not!).

Organic Spray Tan with Body Contour

If you can’t tone it, tan it… or just do both with our body contouring option. This is an absolute game changer in the spray tanning world and is done by only one artist, international beauty educator and founder of Slay, Kelly Callaghan. You don’t want to miss this!

Not only will you get the best overall glow of our regular spray tan but Kelly will help you take it up a couple notches!

With our spray tan Pacific Beach body contour option, Kelly will carefully select a slightly darker solution to carve out your body’s natural curves and muscles. Using a smaller airbrush tool, Kelly will etch each body part unique to your shape so you look more toned (and tanned, of course!) throughout your body. You will then get your regular spray tan in a slightly lighter shade to ensure that your newly transformed, fit and toned bod, will show perfectly for up to 10 days!

This service is perfect for anyone who is wanting to look more toned, fit or leaner; not just for fitness gurus, models, etc. We love and appreciate all genders and body types!

Bodybuilding Competition Tanning

This service is specifically for bodybuilding and fitness competitors only. Our #slaybae artists will use a competition tanning solution to help you get dark enough for your show day.Typically done on the night before your event, our ProTan competition tanning solution will have you feeling pumped and ready for the day of your event. Are you ready for your day of lights, cameras and good tans? You’ve come to the perfect spot! Slay your comp day with us!